Since 2001…

Planet Improv provides entertainment and/or educational elements to public and private special events (individual/ corporational/institutional) that are primarily improvisational theatre based.

Our entertainment and/or educational elements will be tailored to the individual needs of the individual/corporation/institution (length/subject matter/family-friendliness.)

  • We “will come to you” and your special event.
  • We want to “be your partner” during your special event.
  • We will entertain/educate “with you,” not “at you.”
  • We want to “enhance your special event,” not take it over.
  • We can provide “family-friendly entertainment/education” for church events/groups and children’s/adult parties/events for all ages.
  • We have “creative solutions” for all your entertainment and educational needs.
  • We have an “option for every size $ budget.”

Please contact Scott Pacitti at 704.301.1564 or to see what we can offer to make your special event even more special.


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