About Us

Planet Improv, Inc. (PII) is a 501c3 nonprofit corporation established in 2006 and granted its nonprofit status in 2007.  Scott Pacitti is the founder and President of PII.


Mission Statement

To educate, entertain and affect behavioral change though play, imagination, improvisation and creativity.

Elevator Speech

PII introduces children (of all ages and grade levels,) adults, communities, businesses and organizations to and helps them develop spontaneous skills for life.

What Does Planet Improv, Inc. Do ? 

PII offers educational and entertainment products and services for children (of all ages and grade levels) adults, communities, businesses and organizations.

With Whom Has Planet Improv, Inc. Collaborated ?

A full list of PII’s past and present collaborations can be found under the tabs of “About Us” and “With Whom We Have Collaborated” at www.planetimprov.com.

Why is Planet Improv, Inc. a Nonprofit Corporation ?

PII’s nonprofit status allows it to receive tax deductible contributions from individuals, communities, businesses and organizations so that its educational and entertainment programs can be made available to individuals (children and students of all ages and grade levels and adults) communities, businesses and organizations who/that may not normally be able to afford them or have access to them.


Testimonials can be found under the tabs of “About Us” and “Testimonials” at www.planetimprov.com.

How Can You, Your Community, Business or Organization Make a Tax Deductible Donation to Planet Improv, Inc. ? 

Contact Scott Pacitti at 704-301-1564 or scott@planetimprov.com

Planet Improv, Inc.            704-301-1564              scott@planetimprov.com            www.planetimprov.com