Testimonials Two Blue Squares

From the individuals, communities businesses, organizations, audience members, performers, artists, partners, institutions, collaborators, rehearsal/class/workshop participants and loyal fans that Planet Improv, Inc./The Chuckleheads has/have worked for/with and performed for/with over the last sixteen years…



We had a great time at the improv teambuilding session for myself and my staff !

Eric Schwarzenegger
Mooresville High School


On behalf of the Marvin Ridge High Schoo Theatre Arts Boosters and Mr. Sims,

Thank you for your supporting our theatre arts program by contributing your time and experience. Our students greatly benefit from your teaching.

Marvin Ridge Theatre Arts Boosters


It was an absolute pleasure working with you, and we can’t thank you enough for your dedication and passion for our summer camps!

Enjoy the rest of your summer, and I look forward to working with you again in the future!

Mindi Ellison
Arts Center Program Manager

Cornelius PARC Department



We enjoyed hosting you this summer.

~Michael Rinehart

Charlotte Country Day School

Director of Summer Programs


Mr. P.,

Many thanks again for a great week. Maximus is a shy guy and this was a great experience for him. He really enjoyed the week (except the singing – maybe next time).  Look forward to future opportunities to join you again,

~Jason Hoody (Maximus’s dad)


It was a pleasure to host you, Scott.  Have a wonderful rest of the summer and thank you for being a part of the Summer Programs at Country Day.  

~Beverley Ann Johnson

Director of Coordinate Programs

Assistant to Extended Day & Summer Programs


CONGRATULATIONS to all the students for a job well done and to Scott for his dedication to teaching improv for fun and personal development.

~Sonia E Perez



Thank you. I had a really good time last night (at the improv training session.) I can tell that what you do can be beneficial for helping myself or any professional of all industries better their communication skills.



What a great job you did with those kids on Saturday (the 07-01-17 UpLevel Martial Arts Ballantyne improv event) …BRAVO!

~Stanley Sweet


Thank you Mr. Pacitti! You really owned the room and made it so much fun! Really enjoyed what you did for he kids at the UpLevel Martial Arts Ballantyne improv session/event.

~Lorelei’s Mom   🙂


Hi Scott.

This is David (Morgan’s father) from your Sunday class.  Again, we had a fantastic time, thanks for holding the class !

David Gilliland



You are one of the amazing ones !

Thank you for your commitment as a presenter at the 2017 Young Elites Leadership Summit.  Last week 85 high school girls took advantage of the opportunity to learn life and leadership skills from an incredible collection of experts in the local, national and international community.

Don’t think for a second that you didn’t make a major difference.  You changed young girls’ lives !

What you taught us is so important !  We’re grateful for the time and commitment you dedicated to the Young Elites organization and our high school girls.

Let’s plan to stay connected so our kids can follow along with what you’re doing throughout the year.

Jennifer Shiley & Niya Johnson

The Young Elites Team



Hey Scott.

This is one of the high schoolers who was at your improv workshop today.  I’d like to thank you for the event.  I had a lot of fun.

Ryan Kroll


Hi Scott,

I thought your improv summer campers did a great job in their performance.

Tammy Woods

Director of Recreation

Anne Springs Close Greenway

Fort Mill, SC



I was in your class Monday and thoroughly enjoyed it. I have been looking to get into improv and this is a great start.  Thank you for taking the time and sharing your talents and teaching us.  It is a much friendlier, less intense and a lot more fun environment than other improv classes I have taken. Thank you for providing this.

~Karen Iverson


Thank you again Mr. Pacitti for sharing with the students here at Carmel. As always we appreciate you for coming and we can’t wait for you to visit us again next year!


KaShara C. Davis
Theatre Arts
Carmel Middle School


Thank you so much for sharing your time and talents with our young people today at Carmel (Middle School.)  We know that they will enjoy learning about your craft and will remember this experience for a long time to come.  Thank you again.

The Carmel Fine Arts Team


Thank you for coming and bringing so much joy to our group. It was such a pleasure having you. I was talking with all those who were there and they all had a great time and said it was so worth it. One girl who is kind of shy said it was a big step to come to and be a part of something like this. But she feels a little more courageous now. She’s glad she stepped out.

Please know you were such a blessing this weekend, and keep doing what you aredoing. I’m sure we will meet again.

Be blessed and travel safely,

Ronald Chapoloko

New Brighton Christian Assembly



Thank you for participating in our conference.  I feel sure Matthew will forever go down in history as the only pregnant male employee at MSI.   I think everybody had a great time.   We’ll certainly keep you guys in mind should other events pop up that would work.

Michael R. Jameyson, CPM TCS

President – Multifamily Select, Inc.



Thank you so much for joining us! Despite the crazy weather, those who attended really enjoyed themselves, and you were the hit of the event!

Mindi Ellison Arts Center Program Manager

Cornelius (NC) Parks, Arts, Recreation & Culture (PARC) Department


(Scott) You are a great leader and teacher. It is obvious that your passion for the art is genuine and you truly want to share it.

Tiffani Price ( a member of the Charlotte (NC) And Vicinity Improvisers Trust Yes Meetup group)


Went to my first MeetUp (Charlotte, NC And Vicinity Improvisers Trust Yes) last night and had a great time!  Scott is a talented leader!  I was exposed to many new routines.  I am looking forward to going back next week.  The other people in the group were also very talented.!  It was a great experience!

Stanley Sweet


Thank you so much!  This is quite encouraging and makes my day a little bit brighter 🙂  I can “feel” myself improving, in just the few weeks I’ve been coming to class.
Improv has made such a positive impact on every aspect of my life – too much to sufficiently relay in an afternoon email.  I’m so happy in improv, and thankful to you for taking out the time to host this class.  I will definitely be continuing to come to class, and am excited about becoming more and more involved in the improv community 🙂

Thank you , 

Stephanie Crillo
PS:  I also wanted to thank you for emailing me the improv self-study resources.  The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of craziness, and so I haven’t yet had the time to develop a study plan, but I’ve listened to a few episodes of the Improv Nerd podcast (so much fun), and will be incorporating the rest of the resources as soon as I am able (it’s on my “Action Items” list, and has it’s own “Improv” folder in my filing cabinet, so you should feel assured that it’ll happen) 😉


Hey Scott,
We really had fun yesterday (at the improv workshop) and told our friends about the experience.  Would you mind if I invited others to come?  I’d definitely love to go back.
Have a great day and an awesome week!
Mike Garcia


I really enjoyed working with you, Scott! I hope we get to meet up again one day.  Have a great week!


Elizabeth Michels

Award-Winning Romance Author



Thank you for your help on Saturday.

Thanks again and hopefully we will have the opportunity to work together again in the future!

Karen Lawrence, CMP

It’s My Affair, LLC

Special Events and Meeting Management

Charlotte, NC 28216


Certified MBE/WBENC Women’s Business Enterprise


One of the greatest MeetUps (the improv workshops) !  I like how things are progressively built upon the mini-exercises.  So thoughtful.



Thank you for allowing me to attend the improv workshop today! It was enjoyable and very instructive.

Tom Staab


I had a great time yesterday at your improv workshop.  Just what I needed on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

Yvette Miller



I intern at a youth shelter and brought some of the kids with me one weekend. It was a hit with the two kids I brought and I hope to be able to bring some kids to today or tomorrow’s class.

Stephanie Jazmin


Thanks Scott that sounds perfect.  I will get back with you on the dates as soon as I get them.  You are the best.

Sylvia Monroe, Coordinator
Academy of Finance and Academy of Hospitality and Tourism
School of Executive Leadership and Entrepreneurial Development
4301 Sandy Porter Road; Charlotte, NC  28273; Suite C

It was wonderful having you with us, Scott! We will let you know if another event like this comes up at Ernst & Young.

Thank you, again!


Nicole M. Hamilton | Technology Advisory | Financial Services Office


Thank you for coming!  We appreciated having you.

Amanda Lane
Drama Teacher
First Ward Creative Arts Academy


Hi Scott

You did an awesome job getting the crown involved.  We loved every minute of it.  We are looking fwd to this entertainment again…hopefully soon.


Sonia Hassani

Sindhi Association of Carolinas President 2016 & Team


Dear Scott:

Thank you so much for sharing your time and talents with our kids at our one day intensive in July.  We are genuinely grateful to you, and hope you can join us for a performance this year.


Marvin Ridge High School Theatre Arts Boosters (Waxhaw, NC)


Thank you, Scott! It was a pleasure having you there (at the Carolina Health Care ASC and improv fundraising event,) and I hope we’re able to work together again soon.

Katie Spicer

Development Officer

Art and Science Council Charlotte


Hello & Happy Wednesday Scott,

Thank you for sharing your talent on ASC’s (the Arts and Science Council Charlotte, NC) behalf.

You were terrific and elicted more than a few chuckles from the crowds, you made them laugh & cheer!  No easy feat, considering they were a bit unreceptive at first.

I enjoy working with you and hope to do it again soon.

Every good wish,


Nick Stewart

Development Officer

Arts and Science Council Charlotte


Nothing but pure thanks exclamation point thank you for your coming out

and providing our little slice of paradise with the best laughts and the greatest games.

Moving Canvas ProductionsBaez



I wanted to thank you for your short, but informative session at the Theater CMS in service on Wednesday, August 24.  I was one of your volunteers and had a great time.  I tried to write down all of the sayings and movements to the improvs but have a lot of “missing links” (ex. can’t remember all the moves to “whoosh, ramp, bong”.  If you are willing to share I would be grateful.  These would be some great activities for the first week of school.


Sunny Binder

Theater Arts Teacher

South Charlotte Middle School


Thank you for your sessions with our campers this summer.

Tom Hill

Fuzion Force Entertainment Academy


Thank you for coming last night! We enjoyed having your troupe on campus.

Jodi Jabs

Director for Student Activities

Lenoir-Rhyne University


Awesome! Thanks! (for the Chuckleheads’ Lenoir Rhyne University improv show.)

I look forward to working with you again.

Thanks again,

Todd Rice


THEY Improv


Stacey Knight Boone

Thank you for getting us on our feet today at the Charlotte Mecklenburg theatre arts teachers’ orientation at Knight Theatre !  Enjoyed it so much

Theatre Arts Teacher

Jay Robinson Middle School


Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU for helping to make the Theatre Intensive such a success today. You’re awesome. The Marvin Ridge High School theatre appreciates you donating your time and talents. The students LOVED the workshop and I’ve gotten some great feedback from them. I am glad to be able to call you a friend and colleague.

Benjamin Sims

Theatre Arts Teacher

Marvin Ridge High School

Waxhaw, NC


Hi Scott,

We were glad to have you with us this year (summer arts camp.)  I know the kids definitely enjoyed themselves. Hopefully we can have you back next year!


Robby Goggins

Arts Council of York County


Thank you for this, Scott! Your session brought such great energy to our group. I’m grateful that you would agree to come teach our young people these life skills through your work.

Much love!

Jennifer Shiley

Young Elites


Dear Scott,

You are wonderful !  Thanks to your commitment at the 2016 Young Elites Leadership Summit, 125 high school girls experienced your expertise and instruction under the theme of Initiative.  Without you, the positive impact of this year’s Leadership Summit would not have been as powerful.

In making a difference,

Jennifer Shiley & Niye Johnson


Thank YOU again Scott for coming out and sharing your love for the arts with our students! Hope to see you again very soon.

KaShara C. Davis Theatre Arts

Carmel Middle School


Thank you so much for sharing your time and talents with our young people today at Carmel.  We know that they will enjoy learning about your craft and will remember this experience for a long time to come.  Thank you again.

The Carmel (Middle School) Fine Arts Team


Thanks Scott.

I very much enjoyed our “Improv and Public Speaking” session, wish we had more time to delve into subject!

Katrynah Talbert


Belk’s Sto-Re-Tellers Toastmasters Club


Great show with the Chuckleheads of Actor’s Crib at the Dilworth Neighborhood Grille !

Judah Jones


Dear Mr. Pacitti:

Thank you for taking your time to share improv insights and public tips with us.  Your presentation was wonderfully informative and immensely helpful.


Madeline Blank

Secretary Teens of Faith

Gavel Club


Scott, you are a kind and awesome teacher.  You give us so much!

Dottie Smyth



Thank you so much for such an awesome class.  I moderate a homeschool loop.  If you would like me to send anything out about your class, write me a brief email and I will send it out.

We (she and her daughter) learned a lot and had a really great time!

Super grateful!

Christina Parker Brown


It was fantastic !  Thank you so much and we look forward to many more such performances.  Than you for your support for this noble cause.

Sonia Behave

Queen City Sahelis Gala (Providence Country Club)


I hear you did a great job today!

Thank you!!!

Great job!!

Margo Morrison

Murder Mystery USA


(Regarding the homeschooler students’ and Girl Scouts’ educational events in conjunction with “Wicked” at Ovens Auditorium, Charlotte, NC)

Thanks Scott!!!
You always do a great job!!

Wanita Latta

Group Sales Manager

Blumenthal Performing Arts


Thank you so much for coming! They (the drama students in the improv workshops) had a wonderful time!!

Ella Moore

Drama Teacher

West Iredell High School (Statesville, NC)



I don’t think you hear thanks from us enough but I want you to know how thankful I am to have you as a friend and as a teacher. I know how much work you do for us and I’m grateful beyond words to know you.

Steve Orrell (member of the Chuckleheads improv troupe)


On behalf of all of us in Education at ASC, I want to thank you for all you do to enrich the education of the students of Charlotte-Mecklenburg. Your hard work and extra effort are greatly appreciated and I am truly honored for the opportunity to work with you.

Erin Elliott | Program Director, Education

Arts and Science Council Charlotte


Hi Scott.

Thanks so much for your help last night and glad to hear you had a good time too!

Amy L. Utberg

Meeting Manager, Accenture

American Express Meetings & Events


Thank you so much Scott! Every time I walked into the auditorium, our folks seemed to be engaged and thoroughly enjoying your entertainment! We will definitely call you again if the opportunity arises.

Marsha Lewis

South Region Geographic Marketing & Communications


Charlotte, NC


Hi Scott,

Thanks for the show.

My date turned out to be a dud (she just wasn’t that into me), but the show was fun.

Peter M.


Thank you for a creative and lovely improv session !  Perfect end to a manic Monday.

Bridget McNelis


Thank you for making our November Ambassadors meeting a fun success. I look forward to working with you at our

Young Elites Leadership Summit in June of 2016.


Jennifer Shiley
Young Elites



Thank you so much for the awesome improv session.

Our Ambassadors and volunteers loved it. We will definitely be reaching out to you in the future.

Susan Grabowski

Young Elites




Everyone enjoyed the performance and had a fun time. Thank you for helping us to celebrate a special, joyous occassion.

Have a wonderful and blessed day.
Shauntell Sherriff


I wanted you to know that I wanted to nominate you for an award through NCTC because of your services in the community and your improv offerings, especially through education. I do appreciate what you do.

Winston Sims

Theatre Arts teacher

Marvin Ridge High School


Well what a fun night. Our first time at Improv and look forward to going again. Everyone was so quick and spot on. Laughed all night. And even FINALLY won a prize. The best one – a chance to work with the improv troupe.

Dottie Pfisterer Smyth


THANKS SOOO MUCH for SUPPORTING ~JDRF~ ‪Scott Andrew Pacitti & ALLLL of the GIFTED & HILARIOUS “CHUCKLEHEADS”!!!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS, EVEN MORE NOW, I’ve been Type I , with the “DIABEETUS”, 42 years now, since I was 5 years old!!!! My SINCEREST….THANKS to YOU & GOD BLESS!!!

Lisa Delgra Selman


Thank you Scott Pacitti! You have a gift and we were lucky to have you share it with us today!

Rolando Zevallos

Five Elements of Healing


Thank you so much Scott !  We appreciate your support through your show.

Georgia H. Krueger

Executive Director

Ada Jenkins Center (Davidson, NC)


A HUGE THANK YOU. We really enjoyed it. That was an amazing experience and good practice for us. If you ever need someone for one of your shows we will definitely be interested.

Jake Dellinger and his fellow actors (Kia and Elijah) from Lake Norman High School after performing in the 09-12-15 Chuckleheads’ Davidson, NC show at the Armour Street Theatre as “Junior Chuckleheads”


The Chuckleheads nominated for Best Comedy, Sketch and Improv Award

Carolina Arts & Theatre Awards, 2015


We all enjoyed your presentation and I cannot thank you enough for coming today!

Thank you very much!

Barbara Pann

Assistant Professor of Communication

Wingate University


Dear Scott

Thank you so much for participating in our workshop this year.  Our kids can’t stop talking about all the great things they learned !  We truly appreciate the time and expertise you shared with our areas’ young theatre students.


Marvin Ridge Theatre Arts Boosters


Mr. P. (Scott Pacitti)

For the past seven weeks we have enjoyed your energy and the way you communicate with the children. We also enjoyed your group activities where everyone enjoyed participating and coming together as a team. We feel during these weeks our children learned a lot about working together.

Mrs. Wright

Ms. Harris

Charlotte Mecklenburg After School Enrichment Program Summer Camp 2015

Mallard Creek Elementary School


Theatre Camp today was a huge success! Thank you so much to Scott Pacitti for sharing your knowledge with so many eager students today. I got some great feedback from them at the end of the day. I really appreciate you letting me call on you as a resource and giving the students tips, new info, review, and things to consider. I am blessed to know you.

~Benjamin Sims

Marvin Ridge High School


It was an honor. Thank YOU for being such a well-rounded, inspiring teacher.

~Emily Heilig

Marvin Ridge High School


“AMAZING & HILARIOUS (Chuckleheads’) Show Tonight!!! Got my picture taken with “The Chuckleheads”,themselves!!!!

~Lisa Delgra Selman



Comments from teachers/administrators that Scott Pacitti/Actor’s Crib, Inc. worked with in conjunction with the Charlotte Arts and Science Council grant-funded improvisational theatre educational programming for school year 2014-2015…

The experience was perfect and wonderful for my students.

The connections to what I am teaching in the classroom were abundant and clear.

Scott is a wonderful (and funny) teacher of improv and comedy.

Yes, I would use them again ! Hopefully, next year !!!

This was a very engaging experience for students and teachers.

The provider was polite and easy to work with.

I have already recommended them to another school.


Thank you for everything you have done this year for the students of CMS !! I am looking forward to working with you gain in the upcoming school year !

Erin Elliott

Program Director, Education

Arts and Science Council, Charlotte, NC


You were amazing  !!!  Thank you for everything you did !  The students truly had a blast with you !

Meredith Hunter McCarter

Carmel Middle School

Theatre Arts


Thank you so much for giving your time and talents to our young people today at Carmel (Middle School.)  We know that they will enjoy learning about your craft and will remember this experience for a long time to come.

The Carmel (Middle School) Fine Arts Team


(Scott) It was great meeting you and I know you were a real hit yesterday at the Bank of America event.  Thanks again for coming out in support of The Arts and Science Council Charlotte.

Virginia Garramore

Director of Special Projects

Arts and Science Council Charlotte


First let me start with how much fun we had at the MarriedNTheCity improv workshop.  When I originally told my husband that we were going he was not too thrilled to say the least.  Even before we got started he still had this little attitude and I was completely worried but hopeful that he would relax and enjoy himself.  Well my prayers were answered because he had a ball and he actually participated and relaxed and enjoyed himself.  On our ride home he couldn’t stop talking about how much he enjoyed himself and how we both were impressed as a whole. You all made us feel comfortable and welcomed. 

MarriedNTheFamily Improv Workshop Participant


Hi Married in the City members,

We had a blast Friday! We are truly grateful for those in attendance. Scott Pacitti, of Actor’s  Crib sure kept us laughing and moving.

Tawanda Robbins


Again thank you for the awesome experience of IMPROV! We have several couples that are interested in taking classes and Rev.Clifton mentioned he would like to invite you to his church for a workshop, YES! lol. With that said I’m working on sending pictures and a closing email to the group, I request that you send me your contact information, in addition to the information you read at the end, I believe you called it the rules I IMPROV? I’m uncertain, I hope you remember I would like to share it with the group. Again, thank you until next time. God Bless

Tawanda Robbins



Dear Scott,

As Master of Ceremonies for our Variety Showcase, you did a great job.  You were gracious to all and kept things moving – no small task.  Many thanks to you, your improv Chuckleheads partner and the volunteering audience members.  The improv added levity and variety, and fun as well.  Our ministry is grateful to you and inspiring church music students will benefit.  God’s blessings to you.

With warm regards,

Mariba S. Iley

Metropolitan Music Ministries



Thanks, Scott.  Everyone had a great time!  Thanks for the laughs!

~Ginger & John Oriente, Gingerbread Meeting House, Shelby, NC


Thank you, Scott Pacitti for serving as our Master of Ceremonies for the Metropolitan Music Ministries DOLCE Variety Showcase last night! You did an excellent job! I’m still getting calls and messages from people previously unfamiliar with your work who were delighted and impressed.

~Judah Jones


Just a note to tell you that the Mystery was the most fantastic event most

had ever experienced.  Scott was absolutely brilliant.  He was spot on

with the entire program.  He had total control of the entire audience.  Thank

you so much for making our 60th Anniversary as wonderful experience.

~Gerald Strasser


Hi Scott.

You are one of the most honest, dedicated and kind souls that I have ever known. Your gift to the Warehouse IS the Chuckleheads and I am grateful for that.

~Marla Brown

The Warehouse Performing Arts Center



Thank you for your ongoing support of the InReach Wellness Committee.  See ya next year !

~The InReach Wellness Committee


Hello Scott, I had a blast Saturday night. You all were great. When I started looking at the photos I started laughing again.

~Frank Ramos


Thanks for inviting me to join your celebratory performance. I really enjoyed the whole experience and found your current cat to be very talented with a great mix of skills. We will likely attend more shows in the future.

~Scott Allocco


Scott, we enjoyed ourselves watching Chuckleheads. It was so much fun. Looking forward to go to another show. Thank for the laughter.

~Otis and Beth Webster


Scott Andrew Pacitti u were awesome ! Thanks for a wonderful night. #Marriedinthecity ~Tawanda Robbins


Murder mystery theather was amazing with Scott Andrew Pacitti ! ~Angela Crenshaw


Hi. You were amazing. The group (Married in the City) has an awesome TIME !!! Thank U. I will reach out to you regarding acting class. ~Tawanda Robbins


The show was HILARIOUS….I LAUGHED till it “HURT”!!! hahaha This group is SOOO CREATIVE & TALENTED!!! Cant wait until THE BIG sHOW in October!! ;))……Thanks for “ALL THE LAUGHS”, Chuckleheads…..You guys are SO SPECIAL :)).

~Lisa Delgra Selman


Very good show last night Scott. I enjoyed participating.

~Michael Higgins


We had a great time….thanks!

~Natalie Haywood


Thank you for making improvisation so much fun at our Marvin Ridge Theatre Camp !  Your time and efforts are always greatly appreciated.  Best Wishes

~Marvin Ridge Theatre Arts Boosters


The Chuckleheads’ family friendly show that my group (Charlotte Metro Christian Singles)  attended was great !  Thanks for singing happy birthday to me.

~Natasha Boger


The improvisational theatre lessons/skills that I learned from you have made me a better actor/performer, but have also changed the way I live and how I approach my day to day challenges.

~Jordan Bell


I’m a fan!

~Michael Higgins


Hi Scott.

We like to attend the family shows because:

1. they are fun and funny;

2. you involve the kids, ask for their input, get them up on stage, get them excited;

3. it’s something different and we all know that we need more culture up in Lake Norman & Charlotte.

~Andrea and her daughter Charlotte


I treated my friend to the 8pm show last evening. It was her first time at improv. We had a delightful evening. Keep up the good work !

~Shelin Wilder


Improv was good, especially for children.

~Austin Scheibel


We had a great time watching and laughing all night.

~Leslie Chamberlain


Been a while, great show.

~Joey Donahue


Great show Scott !

Thank you.

~Kenda Williams


Dear Scott Pacitti:

Thank you so much for your generous donation of Chucklehead admission and raffle tickets to the Taste of Union 2013 silent auction. Thanks to our sponsors, participating restaurants, and community, Operation Reach Out’s Taste of Union 2013 was a great success.

~Lisa Cox

Executive Director

Operation Reach-Out



Thank you so very much for being a part of our wellness event. You and Curtis (Overcash) were wonderful…as usual. The InReach Wellness Committee greatly appreciates you donating your time and talents to help make our event a success !

Thank you !

~Cheri Garrett



I would like to thank Scott Pacitti from Planet Improv for joining me today to play a few improv games at the InReach Wellness Fair. That was really nice Scott and a good time. Thank you for your time that you devote to the people we support.

~Curtis Overcash



Thank you so much for all you did over the Fall interesssions at the ASC STEAM CAMP ! We enjoyed partnering with you and hope it was a rewarding an experience for you as it was for the students at Bruns, Byers, Druid Hills, and Thomasboro !

~Barbara Ann Temple

Vice President, Education

Arts and Science Council, Charlotte


Scott did an excellent job introducing sketch and improv comedy (in conjunction with the “Potted Potter” show.) Our audience members responded very well to his energetic and fun presentation and loved the interactive activities. Overall wonderful experience and look forward to working with Scott again in the future.

~Emily Neal

Blumenthal Performing Arts Center


It was a pleasure seeing you again and I greatly enjoyed your workshops! I know all the kids really enjoyed your energetic and fun presentation and thought you introduced both sketch and improv comedy beautifully. Thank you so much for your time and willingness to work with us on these educational events.

~Emily Neal

Blumenthal Performing Arts Center


We are thrilled you were a part of the magic (the ASC LIFT STEAM educational program.)

~Barbara Ann Temple

Vice President, Education

Arts and Science Council, Charlotte


Thanks for all the past grins and giggles.

~Kenda Williams


Thank you Scott ! The segment (the Chuckleheads visit WCCB New Rising) was a lot of fun!

~Raeshika Jones

Morning Producer WCCB News Rising


Hello Scott,

Thank you very much for offering the gift of your expertise to our American Society of Training and Development chapter meeting in September!


~Crystalle Ramsey


Thank you and your colleagues over and over for performing as our entertainment tonight !

~Marjorie Wright

Vintage Club

Tega Cay, SC


It was our pleasure ! Please convey to the group (the Chuckleheads) how pleased we were with the performance and the great feedback we received from families who attended. I appreciate how responsive and helpful you were throughout the process.

The Chuckleheads were a funny and engaging addition to our Family Weekend event. They were extremely professional and responsive throughout the process. The performance was (by request) appropriate for a multigenerational audience and provided great opportunities for audience participation. We can’t wait to have them back on campus.

~Erin Fox

Director of Student Activities

Queens University of Charlotte


Mr. Pacitti,

This weekend a cottage of our children attended Planet Improv at the generous discount you offered us. We would like to thank you for your gift, because it allowed them to attend. When asked how they liked it, their words were “IT WAS A BLAST!” Your thoughtful gift brought smiles to their faces. Thank you for allowing this to happen and bringing such joy to our children.

Thanks again!

~Beth Bottini C.T.R.S.

Volunteer Coordinator

Thompson Child and Family Focus


Thank you!!! The kids loved it!! (the two hour improv summer camp activity)

~Marliana Williford

Youth Leadership Academy


My family and I had a great time at the Chuckleheads’ comedy improv show at Dilworth Neighborhood Grille last night (7/13). Sonia will never forget her 43rd Birthday.

~Saundra Marsh


Participants of the second session of the York Arts Council, Rock Hill, SC “Let’s Put on a Comedy Improv Show” summer camp led by Scott Pacitti talk about the camp.

I thought this camp has been an interesting experience.


I enjoyed the camp. It was fun and I would want to do it next year.



Participants of the York Arts Council, Rock Hill, SC “Let’s Put on a Comedy Improv Show” summer camp led by Scott Pacitti talk about the camp.

During my days in camp I had fun. We played games like zip, zap, zup. I really enjoyed my days at camp and will miss it. And I will also miss Mr. P. (Scott Pacitti, instructor.)


It was fun and we got to be very silly. Plus, we got to take field trips and visit other places which is really cool as well. Plus, you get to play a bunch of fun improv games.



Great show (Father Knows Best Comedy Improv Musical Variety Extravaganza Starring the Chuckleheads at Ballantyne Art Center) last night !

~Natalie Nett


Thank you so much for giving your time and talents to our young people today at Carmel (Middle School.) We know that they will enjoy learning about your craft and will remember this experience for a long time to come.

Thanks again,

~The Carmel Fine Arts Team


I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed these (improv theatre) sessions very much. I had a lot of fun! And I felt that I learned a lot in just a few sessions. So I thank you for that! I hope that in the future you’d still consider me for your next class. This is definitely something I want to learn more and grow with it.

~Rolando Zevallos



This is a thank you sir. Thank you for the opportunity to hone my skills. Thank you for cultivating my love of improvisation. Working with you was always a pleasure and if it weren’t for coming in contact with you I wouldn’t be debuting as part of a long form improv team tonight in Philly. I devote tonight’s show to you good sir.


~Joel (Sumner)


Well the auction was a huge success. Thank you so much for helping to make that possible! I had to beat off several families for the tickets (for a future Chuckleheads’ show,) but in the final minutes of bidding won by a $5 margin!!! We are planning on coming to the next Family Friendly night and invite some friends and their children.

Talk to you soon,

~Alissa Simpson


Dear Classical Idol Participant and Artistic Contributor!

I am so proud to be associated with the likes of all the professional participants who made Classical Idol 2013 such a success. By all accounts, the audience had a blast!

The musicians and presenters were top drawer and we are honored to have had you all on board for such a worthy cause. You all did an amazing job and performed your hearts out.

I thank you all for your hard work, your commitment to sharing your beautiful musical talents and technical expertise to benefit the Symphony Guild and the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra family.

Many thanks again to you all, and I hope to see many of you again soon!

Best Regards,

~Dianne E Stewart, APR


BSA PR & Marketing

Classical Idol : Show Producer

A Benefit for the Charlotte Symphony

Friday April 12, 2013 @ Spirit Square

Produced by the Symphony Guild

Sponsored by Time Warner Cable


After attending and participating in your Family Friendly Comedy Improv Musical Variety Extravaganza Starring the Chuckleheads at the Charlotte Comedy Zone my daugther thinks she’s an actor now!! Thank you:-)

~Alissa Simpson


Went to an Inprov show tonight. (for those who don’t know it is like the TV show Who’s Line is it Anyway?) Love, love, loved it! It was only $10/person to get in and it supports what they do. They also had a raffle and we won an Easter prize bag (chocolate bunny and bunny glasses) and we also won two free tickets to another show! Cannot wait to go back!!!

~Just’a Jamie


Scott of the Chuckleheads gave our staff at United Way of Central Carolinas a “tease” of what’s to come for our ASC Campaign. Scott’s improv comedy mini-presentation was humorous, engaging and entertaining. Scott is a great storyteller and facilitator – quick on his feet and witty. Everyone really enjoyed themselves and are excited to see what’s in store for this year’s ASC campaign. Thank you Scott for an awesome performance.

~Laura Higgins

Donor Choice Analyst

United Way of Central Carolinas

301 South Brevard Street, Charlotte, NC 28202



Hi, Scott.

Thanks for joining us for lunch this afternoon to kick off our annual ASC employee fundraising campaign. Your interactive improvisational comedy presentation not only was professional and well-within the suitability guidelines for our conservative office environment but also was engaging and entertaining. Everyone at lunch enjoyed themselves, particularly those you selected to participate in your presentation, and I received a number of compliments for selecting you to address our group. Our office administrator even was heard to say that you cleared a high bar by helping us to top last year’s kick-off lunch.

And, by the way (just to say so in writing), thanks for demonstrating to me that comedy is as much a form of art as any other art form.

~Joseph Buonanno



Bank of America Plaza, St 3500

101 South Tryon St

Charlotte, NC


Thank you so much for your time, energy and talent during the winter Adventures In Learning session. I have heard so many wonderful comments about the classes. I can’t thank you enough.


~Nina Arten

Program Director

The Shepherd’s Center of Charlotte, Inc.

3115 Providence Road

Charlotte, NC


The show was great !!! I enjoyed myself and will certainly attend future shows.

~Ingrid Hardy



I heard only good reviews about the show tonight. Thank you again so much for all of your help!

~Michele Dixon

Chuckleheads cast member and mother of a Cox Mill High School senior in regards to the 03.02.13 Chuckleheads’ show at Cox Mill High School in which all funds raised went to the Cox Mill High School senior class banquet.



It was a pleasure meeting you and the group members at the Improv Theater Class on yesterday. I really enjoyed the class and had a lot of fun. This was my first time ever doing improv so I was a bit nervous at first but found that it was not as scary as I thought. It was fun to be able to laugh at myself and not take myself so seriously.

~Linda Euland


Hey Scott, thank you very much for everything. Everyone enjoyed your entertainment during Daniel and EJ’s birthday celebration ! I enjoyed it once again and you’ll be hearing back from me for other potential event entertainment.

Thanks again,

~Keyonna Freeman



Thanks again for coming out to our event (the Arts and Science Council fundraising kickoff) event today. I think our Team Members had a great time.

~Cliff Cermak

Communications Specialist

Family Dollar


I had a great time at the Adults Only Comedy Improv Musical Variety Extravaganza Starring the Chuckleheads at the Comedy Zone @ the NC Music Factory.

~Lisa Irving

I went alone to the Adults Only Comedy Improv Musical Variety Extravaganza Starring the Chuckleads at the Comedy Zone @ the NC Music Factory and had a blast! Very funny!



The Chuckleheads were fantastic at engaging, encouraging, and entertaining the crowd during our Improv event. They had a relaxed, fun style that put everyone at ease. Our audience was very much interested in participating and facilitating along with the cast members. Feedback from the evening was overwhelmingly positive, and The Chuckleheads were very much at the center of our success. Thank you to Scott and the rest of the group!

~Gábor Zsuppán


(In)Formal Education
 Discovery Place, Inc.


I had an amazing time flexing my newly found improv chops at Discovery Place this past weekend.

~Von Powell


Fun night @DiscoveryPlace with the Chuckleheads from @PlanetImprov ! (Enjoyed my 1st experience doing – not just watching – improv.)

~Susan H.


I just wanted to let you know that the show was fantastic and the group really had a great time. The actors were terrific! I would like to condsider doing a show for some of the employees throughout the year, also would be a fun club event.

~Ann Van Dyke

Human Resources Director

Carmel Country Club


Thank you so much, Scott, for getting the crowd going for us last night! You are a true professional and always make the night funnier!!!! Our shows wouldn’t be the same without you!

~Connie Crowder

Streetwise Music


Scott –

I wanted to thank you so much for being a huge supporter of Twelve In Twelve. I’m not sure I have ever properly thanked you but THANK YOU!!!

Letting us take shelter under your umbrella while we fared the raging storm of creating our own 501(c)3 was way beyond the call of duty. I’m truly grateful.

It’s guys like you that make the world a cool place.

Again, grateful for your friendship.

All the best,


~J.D. Lewis

Twelve In Twelve (Actor’s Lab)


If you want great entertainment and on your toes fun, the Chuckleheads are for you!

~Julie Roddey Paul



I want to compliment you on the way you hosted the show and played your parts. Your suit and accent were perfect for Lou Zar and I also liked the way you portrayed the detective. I had a blast and I am really looking forward to the next one.

~Linda Gebelein

(Chuckleheads’ and Murder Mystery Company cast member)


Good afternoon Scott !

Our team is still talking about your visit. Thank you so very much for coming and entertaining us during our “Chili Throwdown.” Our team enjoyed you so much that they are requesting an encore at our upcoming Fall Outing.

~Joy Jones

MHR Operations

Carolina HealthCare System


I wanted to send you a quick e-mail to thank you to your team for an excellent show last night. I appreciate them working with us on getting “volunteers” and getting the crowd into it. I know that everyone had an amazing time!

You guys did an amazing job and everyone from our customers to our employees enjoyed themselves. I have your info on the “rolodex” to definitely use again. I appreciate your working with our crew to get “volunteers” for the cast. Once they got into character they really had fun with it !

~Kristina Benner

Systel Business Equipment

Marketing Support Coordinator


Thanks again Scott for providing the Improv Classes and taking heed to my suggestions.

~Karen Hilton Isaac

Specialty Program Coordinator

The Fort Mill & Gold Hill YMCAs


Participants (8, 9, 10 year old boys and girls) from a series of six-weeks of improvisational theatre workshops (Tuesday, September 17 – Tuesday, October 23) conducted by Scott Pacitti at the Upper Peninsula YMCA (Fort Mill/Baxter Village, SC)…

It was fun and I give it five stars. It is a very good break from school. ~Ben

It was cool. ~Jacob

Fun, silly, interesting, and funny. ~Julia

I think the improv workshops are so much fun ! We did so many fun activities and acted funny. My only problem with it is it ended in six weeks. The YMCA needs to expand the time to ten weeks. This is why Tuesday is my favorite day of the week. It’s better than Saturday. ~Logan


(Below) Audience members comment on the “Happy Birthday To Us V (Five) Comedy Improv Musical Variety Extravaganza Starring the Chuckleheads (Saturday, October 13, 2012 @ Theatre Charlotte…

Great job done by all, awesome at show at Theatre Charlotte, Chuckleheads VERY, VERY FUNNY !


We had a blast! It was an awesome evening. And how cool to win tix and raffle tix to your next show!! We can’t wait to come back and bring friends. Please give hugs and thanks to your wonderful troupe!

~Karen & Jamie

I really appreciated the opportunity to play with you guys. I loved the show!! You guys are really funny and very entertaining to watch!

~Musician Jason Wittersheim

We thank you for all your efforts, for the professionalism and passion of you and the Chuckleheads! Thank you for the opportunity to participate in your fifth anniversary. We, of course, thoroughly enjoyed every moment. God bless you and those you love.


We enjoyed your show immensely. Good laughter was just what we needed after a long and exhausting pottery sale at the barn. Thanks for an awesome evening.

~Lib and Missy

Fantastic show. Thanks!


Thank you Chuckleheads for giving me the opportunity to perform with you. It was an awesome experience and I’m glad I got to experience your live cause you guys really do put on a great show! Chuckleheads… seriously HILARIOUS! So glad I participated.

~Musician Kara Newman

Thanks Scott, you are quite a talent yourself, cannot tell how much we enjoyed last night, I have not laughed like that in a long time and really needed it thanks for putting such talented people togehter, I know it must not be easy. Please add me to your email list.


Thoroughly enjoyed last night Kudos to Scott Pacitti and his talented cast of Chuckleheads. What a fantastic show!!


Fabulous show tonight ! You guys are all so good!


I enjoyed the show. Well done to you and the players. And thanks for the Grey Seal Puppets DVD! I’ll be able to use that at school in my puppetry unit. I just put together this year’s improv troupe at school. I’d love to bring you in as a guest instructor sometime.



We enjoyed having you as our guests!!!

Best of luck and enjoy celebrating your major milestone

~Theresa Liberatore

FOX News Rising Executive Producer


We very much enjoyed it. A good time was had by all !

Best to you and your cast.

~Tamara (who hired the Chuckleheads to perform at her husband’s 40th birthday party.)


Dear Scott,

I apologize for not getting back to you before but we were out of the office for the Jewish Holidays. We were very grateful for the program that you presented and would be happy to spread the “joy “and tell the local community how phenomenal you really are!!

Thank you so much.

~Ilana Levin

Senior and Adult Services Coordinator

Sandra and Leon Levine Jewish Community Center


Scott and The Chuckleheads Cast

We attended your show last night at the Warehouse Theatre and I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much we enjoy your shows. We have been fans for years and appreciate the fact that you all provide fun, quality entertainment at a great price.

Recently, we have been bringing our teenagers. They love it and it is fun for us to watch them relax, laugh, and enjoy themselves.

So, thank you for all of your time and efforts.

~Marcy Weiner

August 30, 2012

“I really enjoyed seeing you perform on that Halton stage Sunday evening (Street Wise Music’s production of “Living the Dream,”) Scott! Perfect monologue! So happy we were all able to collaborate on a project (finally)! Your quick wit added just the right element of comedy to Karl’s script. Loved it!”

~Connie Cooper

Street Wise Music

August 21, 2012


Thanks for a great show at the Warehouse Performing Arts Center on August 18 and keep me on your email list. We will be sure to go again. I know it was a PG-13 crowd but I was still waiting for I like my women I like my light bulbs (punchline edited for PG-13 eyes.)

~Peter McCormack

August 19, 2012

“Great show !!!”

~Kenda Williams on the Planet Improv Facebook page after the Saturday, August 18, 2012 Comedy Improv Musical Variety Extravaganza Starring the Chuckleheads at the Warehouse Performing Arts Center in Cornelius, NC.

August 15, 2012

Scott Pacitti was our presenter at my networking group, Commerce Connections, for our August meeting. He led the meeting and imparted very useful information about Improv and how we incorporate it into our daily lives without even knowing it. He shared with us the 12 Principles of Improv and we did a great exercise using the “yes” and “and” statements. At the end of the presentation Scott received a spontaneous round of applause, which never happens in our group! I was very pleased with the way Scott interacted with us and the points he shared with the group. I felt very inspired when he finished.

~Sara Abrams

July 31, 2012


I am so happy that Jane, one of our summer Adventures in Learning (AIL) committee members, provided your information to the committee when we were in the planning stages for our summer program.

She said “this looks like a fun general session. I wonder if he would come, wonder if he would come for free”. Free being the most important word here as all of our speakers and instructors give their time and share their talents.

I was delighted to confirm that yes you would provide a program and that you indeed were willing to share your time and talents at no cost to our nonprofit program.

All I can say is WOW! What a wonderful, fully engaged, audience participation enhanced program you provided. We did some learning, we did some playing and most of all we had fun. It seems we learn best when we are having fun.

I look forward to working with you again!

Thanks so much for your time and your willingness to share your talents with us.

With a smile and a chuckle,

~Nina Arten

Program Director

Shepherd’s Center of Charlotte


Hi Scott.

Thanks for your willingness to offer the Improv Theater Camp again this year. I thought the camp went very well. The girls were engaged and learned a lot through the various activities that you provided. Several of them were shy and you were able to improve their self-esteem and bring them out of their shells a little. Cathlee was in my Bible Camp and she really was playful and very willing to read and interact with the other participants. Your days were well thought out and informative.

There weren’t any glaring problems to address. Thanks for adjusting things to accommodate Ansley’s expectations. Her mother was very pleased.

~Karen Hilton Isaac

Specialty Program Coordinator

The Fort Mill & Gold Hill YMCA’s

Fort Mill, SC


We are SO excited to have Scott Pacitti, leader of Planet Improv., Actor’s Crib Inc, the Chuckheads, and fellow Manilow fan, joining us for our upcoming performance of “Livin’ the Dream” at the Halton Theatre !

~Connie Cooper

Streetwise Music, Ballantyne Art Center, Charlotte


Scott Pacitti is a man on a mission! His mission? Scott aims to spread the art of improv theater to the youth all over the North Carolina region. A diligent leader and effervescent personality, Scott brings a wide range of theatrical games and skill to the forefront. I had the pleasure of hearing him speak to my middle school drama students in October of 2011 and once again during my Theater Arts workshop this past July (2012). My students are always amazed at his approach to teaching improvisational activities that allow the child to be intuitive as well as creative. I plan on collaborating with him in future endeavors. I trust his sincerity and as a 16 year educator, I appreciate his genuine love of the theatrical craft. He brings that passion with him wherever he goes. The children see it and he affirms their faith. That is what education is all about. I’m thankful that he has chosen theater education as his tool of choice.


~Natasha Tyson

16 Year English Teacher/North Stanly Middle School

Drama Instructor

Metrolina Theater Association Adjudicator (Regional North) and Award Winner

Board Member of the Uwharrie Players and The Talent Company/also former Secretary of the Uwharrie Players

Stanly County North Carolina


The Theater Arts Workshop has been amazing this week. Thank you Scott Pacitti for your contributions in helping make it great. Whoo hoo! God bless you.

~Olivia Harlin (Leader of Albemarle, NC week-long theatre arts camp)


Great workshop on Sat, see comments from one of our dad’s.

Good morning Mandy

I am the father of Taylor Marks. I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed Scott’s workshop on Saturday. It was everything you promised and MORE!

Scott has a great personality and went out of his way to make sure everyone left that day with more knowledge and skill than they came with. EVEN ME!

I know all of you work 8 days a week to make sure the talent has the right information, skills, and guidance; and I wanted to let you know that you hit this one WAY out of the park!

Great Job to all!!!!

~Mandy (Carolina Talent Agency)

~Taylor Marks’ father


Good Afternoon Scott,

Wanted to let you know that I had a blast yesterday at the Improv Workshop. I appreciate all the outstanding information you had to share and the practice scenarios made for an entertaining time. Definitely won’t forget it!


~Don Bradshaw


Hi Scott,

Megan (his daughter) and I enjoyed the Improv class.

I’d definitely take another class, especially if it went a little deeper. It seems like this would be helpful in business and social situations. Getting out of my head and in the moment more would be great.


~Peter McRae

Mark Kamin & Associates


Participants of the Upper Palmetto (Fort Mill, SC) YMCA Week Long “Improv Theatre” Summer Camp

Honestly, I had a wonderful time at this camp. I enjoyed all of the games and activities that Mr. P. had planned. At first I was a little disappointed because I did not know anyone, but I made friends quickly. I also loved doing scene work because I thought that it was very humorous.


I really enjoyed scene work.


I had an awesome time this week. I enjoyed all the games, exercises and scene work. I really had fun letting all my “sillies” out. This was an awesome summer week for me.


I thought it was fun and funny and I thought it was cool and awesome.


Dear Mr. P.

I loved the improvisational theatre ! It was fun, exciting, mind-blowing, and unpredictable. I wish it would have been longer, but it was epic ! Thank you Mr. P. for helping me enjoy the class.


My opinion on the improv camp is that the camp is tons of fun ! Mr. P. does a great job explaining the games and making sure everyone is happy. Thanks for teaching me Mr. P.


I had an absolutely quidilydotious (meaning great !!!) time this week. Seriously had a great time.


I thought it was awesome ! I loved it !


I liked the taxi driver game and the voices game. Thank you for showing us around. No issues were had at this camp. I liked making airplanes and making new friends. This was a fun camp this week ! Thank you !


I had an awesome time



I was so impressed with Scott’s Shakespeare class ! My daughter gained confidence in herself while having fun and learning new skills. I think Scott inspired the kids to do their best and find their own talent and creativity at the same time they were learning about Shakespeare. It was a great blend of entertainment and education, and I would encourage anyone to sign their children up for this class ! My daughter had a wonderful time.

~Susan Roberts Knowlson



I really enjoyed my time. It was a great learning experience, and as a person who used to do theatre and always wondered what the improv world was like, you provided a great introduction. I will definitely be looking into improv some more, keep me in the loop !

~Mike Kiser (participant – “Improv: It’s Not Just for Actors/Comedians Anymore” Workshop.”



I just wanted to say thank you for teaching such a wonderful summer camp at Charlotte Country Day last week.

Parker said that the “Shakespeare Said What” class was the best summer camp class he has ever taken and that you make it a fun and educational experience.

I think that his class provided students with the invaluable skill of confident public speaking as well as allowing them to use their imaginations to “modernize various plays.

Parker was sad to see it end.

Thanks again.

~David Bertsch


Great Chuckleheads’ show last Saturday night at the Ballantyne Art Center. Steve and I had a good time.

~Kamin Brennan

Director of Membership

Visit Charlotte/Charlotte’s Got A Lot


Dear Scott,


You and the Chuckleheads made a fun night tonight at our Glennon Center; thank youso much. We really would enjoy you coming back and I’ll be talking with you later in the year for next year!!!

Thank you for all the fun you brought to our evening at our Tega Cay Vintage Club!

Looking forward to another occasion of enjoying your grand company’s performance!

Most sincerely,

~Marjorie Wright (Vintage Club, Tega Cay, SC)


I Nearly Hurt Myself it was so Funny

Scott Pacitti and the Chuckleheads!

I decided to take my 8 years old daughter on a date with Dad to go see the Chuckleheads Improvisational Theater act at the Ballantyne Arts Center last night. I met Scott about a month ago and his account of how he became involved in Improv was captivating so the next logical question was… What’s Improv all about? I knew what Improv was in theory because of TV shows that required actors to improvise like “Whose Line is it Anyway” you remember! No?

That all came to life last night for my daughter, me and what I suspect were 30 or 40 others in the audience as the cast would think on their feet and improvise their lines which by itself was hilarious. The performance escalated with greater degrees of situational factors that an all too willing audience provided.

There was singing, dancing, acting, falling, crying and every bit of it was just ridiculously funny.

Scott and the cast were great, my daughter woke up talking about it so now she wants to become a Chucklehead!

Scott is teaching a class on Improvisational Theater with us so come check it out, learn the secrets and how improvisational theater can help you communicate with a level of confidence you didn’t think possible!

~Marc Chavaree


In case you wonder if what we do as improvisers actually means anything: there’s a young woman at my church who is carrying the burdens of 2 part time jobs, full time college, a dad who’s unwell and who is paying the bills and being far more responsible than any 19 year old should have to be. She was at our show last night and mentioned The Chuckleheads in a Facebook post about how much better she felt after laughing at our antics last night. What we do matters.

`Linda Thompson Gebelein


Thank you SO much for coming and working with my/our students ! Wow, you were extraordinary! You are welcome any time.

~Natasha T. Wall/Olivia Harlan

Theatre teacher

North Stanly Middle School



Thanks so much for making it out last night at such short notice for my/our corporate clients! They LOVED you! Thanks for making me look good to my clients by being so flexible! I will shout your names from the rooftops and trust me, the next time I need entertainment: be it 2 hours notice or 2 years notice, you will be tops on my list! J

Thanks again and take care!



Renaissance Charlotte Suites Hotel 2

To Whom It May Concern:

On Monday, July 11 Scott Pacitti, the Founder and Executive Director of Actor’s Crib, Inc., a 501c3 not for profit corporation, addressed the business owners Mastermind group of which I am the President, Synergy Street Executive, in Concord, North Carolina.

Mr. Pacitti spoke at our meeting of the importance of the “improvisational mindset” in today’s corporate environment, especially for the self-employed business owner.

My colleagues and I found Scott: professional; knowledgeable; relatable; energetic; passionate; humorous; eloquent; respectful; and very informative on the topic he presented.

I/we look forward to working again with Mr. Pacitti as soon as possible and would recommend him highly to any organization that wishes to utilize his expertise.

Yours truly,

~Ralph Henderson


Synergy Street Executive

March 23, 2011


Thank you so much for having your group come and entertain our office at our ASC campaign kick-off. The Chuckleheads were both professional and amusing. We thoroughly appreciated the way the group interacted with the audience without making anyone feel uncomfortable. I would definitely recommend the Chuckleheads/ Actors Crib, Inc. to anyone looking to provide some levity in their office or at one of their events.

Thanks again!

~Kevin Miller

Conference Services Manager

Alston & Bird LLP

Karen Lawrence – It’s My Affair



Thank you so much for agreeing to facilitate the networking portion of our program. It was a very unique way to get everyone to introduce themselves and I believe everyone really enjoyed it. I hope you were able to make some contact.

Please let me know what your parking fee was and I am more than happy to reimburse you.

Thank you again and have very happy and safe holiday season! Merry Christmas!

~Karen Lawrence, CMP

It’s My Affair, LLC

Special Events and Meeting Management


Thank Scott for your participation.

As you know – I was very skeptical – but was so pleased as to how it turned out.

Thanks again!!

~Carol Roth, CMP

Senior Event Strategist

United Family Services


The feeling is mutual. The individuals we support benefit tremendously from you and your organization. They miss you!!!

~Christopher White, BSW, QP


Executive Director


To you goes the biggest thank you!


~Julie Whitney Austin

Festival in the Park


Thanks, Scott. I believe every attendee had a great time.

Kids were charmed, adults were entertained, and Robin and I were delighted to be there and a part of the program.

I appreciated your team’s patience in the rain delay.

Please forward another “thanks, job well done” to your crew. LKN Productions will be using you again in the future. We are currently developing programs for inner-city schools in the Charlotte area focusing on leadership.

Gaylene did a fabulous job of pulling all the resources together and I felt the Carpenter family has been keenly aware of the great impact she has brought to them and to Hickory, NC. This event was an example.

I fully anticipate and wish for you additional venues from other groups and companies in Hickory for you. You can add my testimonial to your repertoire and referral base.

I plan on seeing you at one of the upcoming workshops. Let’s stay in touch.

Sincerely and appreciatively,

~Barney Barnum


THANK YOU for leading such a fun and interesting workshop for my group this morning! I know they all had a great time releasing their inner selves in the many activities you lead them through today! It was a lot of fun! I know they will be talking about it over the dinner table tonight!

Enjoy your weekend!


Thank you so much for your kind words! We thank you for the outstanding workshop you presented to us! The students thoroughly enjoyed themselves and I know they will take away many new found skills to apply to the Theatre arts and beyond! Your energy and enthusiasm was a great start to the day!

I look forward to inviting you, and perhaps some additional members of your troupe, back to LNCS next year!

Thank you again!

~Cynthia Kmidowski

World Languages Department Chair

Spanish/Theatre Teacher



Thank you so much for your part in making our retreat so successful, especially in light of such horrific weather conditions! J Truly, your part was a huge success and people are still laughing and talking about it today. I feel certain you’ll be getting more business from this group in the future.

If there’s ever anything I can do for you, please let me know.

Thank you!!

~Melissa McDougall

Marketing Associate

Little Diversified Architectural Consulting Inc.


Good afternoon Artists As Entrepreneurs Institute instructors,

THANK YOU for your fabulous work on Saturday. Both ASC staff and the participating artists were so impressed with our instructors, and what could have felt like a very long day went beautifully thanks to the high levels of energy and expertise you all shared with the class.

Finally, thank you again for your wonderful work on Saturday. If you have any other follow up questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

~Katherine McAlpine Mooring

AVP of Education & Professional Development


They can’t stop talking about you! They want to know when are you coming back. (LOL) Thank you so much for opening their minds to creativity.


~LaShawn Walls

Kids R Kids, Inc


Hi Scott-

You did a GREAT Job! They all had a blast. We would love for you to come back. Thanks again!

~Kamber Hejlik

Acting Out



Good Afternoon-

I was a teacher at the back to school function at Oasis Shrine Auditorium. I wanted to take a quick second and thank you for your comic relief. You were a one man show and provided laughs that were much needed for our first week back.

Thank you again for taking the time to perform for us.

You were much appreciated.

~Julie Fox

Hopewell High School




Vintage Club (Tega Cay, SC)


THANK YOU so much for your generous gift of time and fabulous performance for the TIME OUT YOUTH Celebration of the Arts Benefit on May 5. I am eternally grateful to you for wading through the flood waters and torrential rains of the evening!!!

We have received MANY wonderful reviews for the evening. Involving the audience is always a hit!

Thanks to your generosity, Time Out Youth cleared $10,000 for the evening!!!!!!!!

I wish you and your “crew” of THE CHUCKLEHEADS continued success in your professional and personal endeavors. Vito and I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Sincere thanks!

~Jo Carter

Vice Chair, Fundraising

Time Out Youth



Dear Scott,

I just wanted to thank you for sharing your time and talent on Tuesday night…and for braving the horrible driving conditions! You added such a great element to the show and the audience had a great time.

Thanks again.


~Vito Abate

Producer/Director “Just Do It”



Thank you so much for your kind words. You did a fantastic job and the kids had a great time! I hope we will be able to work with you again in the future.

Oh, and I’m hoping to make it out to see The Chuckleheads sometime soon!

Thanks again,

~Christine Eide

Albemarle Middle School – Citizen Schools



I am awed that you are thanking me! It is I who is so grateful to wonderful people like you, who take time out of your busy schedule to do this special thing. We enjoyed your performance so much. I don’t know how you do it. You are both extremely creative. It was so much fun!!! In fact, Mary Hoppman, our director said it was every thing she wanted it to be.

With heart felt gratitude, I am at your service when ever I can be of help to you.

God Bless you both!


York County Volunteer Guardian ad Litem Program



Hey Scott,

We all enjoyed the workshop very much! We’d love to get a few more people involved and do it again sometime. I’ve misplaced the cord to download the pictures from my blackberry, but will send it to you when I can.

Hope you’re doing well and staying busy!


~Melissa McDougall


Little Diversified Architectural Consulting Inc.


The pleasure was all mine Scott. I look forward to working with you again.

Jerry Thornton

Partnership Development

Visit Charlotte


Thanks Scott – those are very kind words! I look forward to continuing to work with you as well. Take care,

~Aree Pearlman, Levine JCC Fine Arts Director


We thank you guys for bringing much joy into the offices. We appreciate your time and energy, and will not hesitate y=to use you again in the future and will refer you to everyone we know. Thank you all again!

~Samantha Swiger

Practice Manager

Carolinas Hematology Oncology Associates


Hi Scott,

Thank you so much for such a wonderful performance this morning! Everyone truly enjoyed the fun & laughter and I am so glad that you were able to provide some much needed comic relief!

Please send me your parking receipts so that we can reimburse you for parking. 

Thank you again for making us laugh!

~Ashley Nordan

Publication Sales Manager

Visit Charlotte

Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority



What an absolutely great show you all put on…it was so high energy and I know everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. Congrats on your one year and many many years to come.

~JoAnne Higgins


Hi Scott,

How are you doing? I loved the performance the other day at Just Do It!

~Kristian Wedolowski

Queen City Theatre Company



As always thanks to you and the rest of the CHeads for sharing your time & talent and for being such great buds to just do it. I hope your gig goes well tonight and I am going to try very very hard to get to a gig soon, hopefully your bday party. You guys are swell in my book!

Thanks again,

~Vito Abate

just do it producer/director


The Chuckleheads rock!!! We had such a fun time! I had so much fun laughing with Scott! We haven’t laughed like that in a long time (if ever!) You were marvelous! The troupe is great! thanks again!

~Ann Fletcher


Scott, hello! I did thoroughly enjoy working with y’all and our residents really loved the kickoff to the holiday weekend. Thanks you so much and I would love to have you back again whenever you would like to join us! Below you will find the copy that was used in the promotion and my thoughts and comments about the night. If you need anything more specific or would like to include my phone or email, please feel free! Happy Monday:) Charlotte


Our 2nd Baxter Village Front Porch Friday was a huge success thanks to The Chuckleheads. Their father’s day based comedy improve show was a complete crowd pleaser and it drew quite a crow. I have continued to receive really positive feedback even into following weekend’s scheduled activities. They group did an amazing job taking what could typically be considered an adult type form of entertainment and kept our all-ages crowd excited, engaged and best of all laughing. The were extremely respectful of our younger audience members without losing the laughter or the participation of the adults. The format was great, the team was easy to work with, professional, fun and on time. I can’t wait to have them return for another show very soon. In terms of a family friendly show, this one actually drew a diverse crowd… with and without kids and those with kids the ages ranged from little tikes to teens, which are my most challenging group to engage! Many thanks for an excellent night of comedy!

~Charlotte A. Kost

Activities Director

Baxter Village



Your troupe did a great job last night. Great interaction with the crowd.

We would love to have you guys back for another week.

Let’s get with Rob and pick another date.

Thanks for a fun and funny night!

~Joel Pace

Heffron Talent International

The Comedy Zone Comedy Clubs


Joel said great things!! Let’s talk when I get back from LA about another booking. We look forward to getting you guys in there again.

Rob Wagman

96.1 The Beat Radio Station


Scott – thanks again for coming – you are a true professional and if we can ever be of assistance to you (referral, etc) please don’t hesitate to let us know. Thanks again for sticking with us throughout the day!

~Lee Baumgarten

Pineville Civic and Cultural Arts Center


Hi Scott,

We had a great time on Friday. What a fun show!

I’ve posted your next show on our site. Here’s the link:


~Cathy McCann

Program Director