The Chuckleheads

chuckleheads1Since 2007, Planet Improv, Inc.’s  resident improvisational theatre troupe, The Chuckleheads, have entertained children, adults, communities, businesses and organizations with public and private shows and special events filled with play, imagination, improvisation, and creativity.

The public and private shows for children, adults, communities, businesses and organizations have formats that include:  short-form improv (like the games you would see on the television show “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”;) long form improv (a theatrical experience much like a play, but without a written script,) and many, many other forms/formats of play, imagination, improvisation and creativity related activities.

For more information on UPCOMING PUBLIC SHOWS, contact Scott Pacitti at Planet Improv, Inc. at 704-301-1564 or (or) check out the “Events Calendar” tab on

For more information on the availability (and cost) of PRIVATE SHOWS/EVENTS/ CLASSES/WORKSHOPS (for children/students of all ages and grade levels, adults, communities, businesses and organizations,)  contact Scott Pacitti at Planet Improv, Inc. at 704-301-1564 or





The Chuckleheads are always on the lookout for new talent.  So if you or someone you know is playful, imaginative, improvisational, and/or creative, contact Scott Pacitti at 704-301-1564 or to see if you or they would be a good fit for the Chuckleheads.